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Braandecto is a fashion portal that stock brands who only use ethically sourced clothing. We were commissioned to create this new brand from scratch, including website, mobile apps, patterns and textures, and fonts. We created a brand look that was in keeping with the current online fashion market, but also had a global feel, drawing inspiration from Asian and African culture. Furthermore, we also designed and built a beautiful Retail Commerce platform using NextJs and React Native. This platform allows merchants to add their own shop front, then manage and showcase their own products within the site.

The visual identity we created for Braandecto positioned itself between high end fashion labels, and elements of the simplicity. The Retail Commerce platform gives merchants complete control of their shop front, being able to add product ranges, categories and showcase items amongst other features. For the customer, the website draws influence from the user journey patterns adopted by well known online stores, with multiple filtering layer options and intuitive navigation between both brands and categories of product.

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