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Wheeler Institute for Business and Development is a research wing of London Business School, they approached Craftnotion for development of their product DigitalXScale which showcases their researches.

One of the first things we did was to reimagine their main site's colour scheme, with light text on darker backgrounds to give it a fresh distinctive feel yet maintaining main website marketing guidelines. We then created an animated showcase followed by a silky-smooth carousel displaying featuring their researches, media & events, and a modern layout for the rest of the content, accessible through fluid transitions between the pages.


Responsive Design

Custom CMS

about the project


  • We came up with a streamlined user experience that communicated product features and benefits in an engaging way, educating the different types of visitors through informative content and illustrative charts.
  • We employed the latest SPA and SSR technology to weave the reusable and scalable code snippets resulting in quick rendering of the web pages.
  • We took the decision to use a fully functional page builder approach that would give DigitalXScale the flexibility to build their own pages for each research. To do so we needed to create a pool of components, each with the flexibility to work everywhere on the site