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Procedurepal are a B2B, Saas procedure management software provider based in Louisiana, who have been growing steadily for the last few years. They provide procedure management software to some of the best-known construction companies in the states. They do so by using all the latest tech including document editor and procedure configuration to deliver an amazing experience to companies, managers, writers and reviewers.

Procedurepal approached Craftnotion to design and build a website that was optimised for search, looked modern, responsive and had an excellent user experience. The quality of the site needed to reflect the quality of their product and services.

Clean Landing Page

Informative Dashboard

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about the project


  • Our UX Design created clear user journeys, making it easy to find popular pages and navigate the site. The mobile experience feels light and speedy, perfect for users on the go.
  • We created an ultra-modern visual representation of the company, with interesting Dashboards and subtle user interface elements. Custom-built document editor for the procedures and config tables made the experience of browsing procedures and plans engaging.